Holding Space for Women In the Cannabis Industry

According to a study by Marijuana Business Daily, women hold 36 percent of all executive positions in the cannabis industry, and 63 percent of executive positions in testing labs nationwide.

Why is this happening more in the cannabis industry then any other?  

There are a number of reasons.  Multi-tasking and flexibility, things at which women tend to excel, are handy skills in an industry with rules and regulations differing from state-to-state and election-to-election.

Women control 85% of consumer spending and purchase 93% of over-the-counter medicines so the companies that recruit women leaders will be poised to serve a majority-female market. (Source: Greenfield Online for Arnold’s Women’s Insight Team)

Interested in learning more about women in the cannabis industry and expanding your cannabusiness in the Sacramento region? I'll be speaking about this topic at the Whole Earth Festival on Sunday May 14th at 3pm.